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The tradition in African food

The tradition in African food

Despite the great variety and flavors of African food is quite unknown to many people. The sense of African food has a more of celebration and tribute nutritious. Generosity usually manifests African dinner invitations, sharing stocks with guests of transients and tourists.

The West African culinary tradition is based on cassava, spices, corn with regular use of paprika. MAFFE is consuming the ground beef with peanuts and vegetables. The tieboudienne is typical of Senegal with rice, fish and vegetables without forgetting the Yassa chicken, lemon, onion and cooked rice. To cook is widely used Shea butter. The boarake is another fish dish in West Africa. The mutsella, fish with vegetables and spices and spicy chicken, called yekumé is another widespread dishes.
Cassava has more use in Central Africa with which it is made fufu is only previously fermented cassava is ground into flour, and pour boiling water to get a consistency auglutine and more. Then accompanied with vegetables and onion. The East Coast cuisine is influenced by the Eastern tradition in South Africa and Kenya with endless Chinese sauces, Lebanese and Hindu The most requested appetizer is the sambusa, fried dough stuffed with minced meat and flavored.
The enjera is typical Ethiopian teff flour made from acid flavor, with wet guardicionado to be of different meats as chicken or beef with herbs and mixed vegetables. The sega wet, lamb is the most appreciated and served especially in celebrations.

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